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Clinical Psychologist

RCI Registered Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Myself Saachi Arora, I am a licensed clinical psychologist by profession. I have been trained in various psychological assessments and therapeutic interventions. My purpose is to apply my knowledge and skills in the mental health care system to facilitate satisfying lives and support individuals with mental health concerns. My approach is eclectic and it differs from individual to individual depending on the nature and severity of their concerns.

Qualifications - Pursing PHd from Delhi University, Mphil (IHBAS),   MSc in Counselling psychology.

Issues Addressed - Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Eating Disorders, Low self esteem, Body image issues, Grief & Loss, Trauma & Stress disoder.

Therapy Orientation - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy & Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapist, Trauma informed care Specialist, Positive Psychology Coach, Hypnotherapist, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Practitioner.

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